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 Cannot believe I am up at this hour for class.
That is all.

Also: evidently we will get weekly H1N1 Campus Updates to know when it gets bad. There are also pandemic plans in place for this term. 'S gonna be special.


An Update

 Things are going well. Still doing perfume/scent stuff, and am happy with it. Installed Warcraft 3, updating my WoW addons now, so I can pick back up with that a bit. Taking 22 credits this fall term, my soul is tithed to the U and there's nothing anyone can do about it, so I simply MUST bust my little ass to get rockstar grades. Combine that with taking the GRE in November, and I'll hopefully be ready for graduating Fall 2010, and entering a master's programme either in the spring or that coming autumn. 

 Personal life is good; have gotten to make a lot of great connections over the summer, meet new people and upgrade people from 'acquaintence' to 'friend' at several points. Have found a couple folk I really click with, which is fantastic. Most of them are in Canada, which makes me sigh with some exasperation that they're not near enough to socialize with, but c'est la vie.

Working on getting a Cam chapter out here. Will have 5 in November, but hoping to hit the U campus and some comic shops with flyers and get a fairly hefty number of prospectives so we can start running some little local game-things. I think getting a chapter together will happen, and I look forward to founding something out here that can, I hope, be lasting.

Showing off the icon

 Showing off the icon

Edjumikation bitching

7 more required classes for linguistics, plus at least 3 others (citizenship/ethics theme, environment theme, math requirement). Which means fall 2010 graduation is likliest. For some plans I had (like grad school), this is poor--however, it's not _so_ bad given other plans I had, giving them time to settle down.

Just keep swimming, right? 
 Things are good. I am happy.


Some Observations:

-My dog thinks he is a cat or a perchingbeast of some species, and is sitting on the back of the couch. Not on the cushions, but the actual BACK of the couch. 

-BJ's mother & aunt are in town for a week or so to visit. It's nice getting to see them again.

-School starts on the 8th. I'm nervous. Need to start rebuying some school supplies, reorganise my laptop for another term, get the AP stuff sent to UMN (again).

-Have been working on Cam recruitment stuff. I need to do a flyer of some sort today and print off some nice copies to go leave at various gaming stores/establishments. Meetup.com works middlingly well--got me one body--we'll see what I can get through game stores, and then the U. Need to get gaming club formed out there, too.

-Still testing/sampling/sniffing perfume and enjoying it.

Fragrance Swap!

 Beyond the cut is the list of fragrances I have that I am willing to send out to folks. Check the 'fragrance swap' tag for the list of things I want (at this point, it's just BPAL, need to start poking through more samples)

Here you go! BPAL and more...Collapse )

It has been good.

This boondoggle has been splendid... I have been wholly enjoying myself up here in Canada. New acquaintences, friends,  getting to see and do things I hadn't last time, and to--most of all--visit with people important to me. It's been a good trip, a trip full of me having fun before I go back to MN and have classes. Definitely wish I could figure out Mastigosness and just 'port place to place, but... such is life, yes?

Off today to go to Adam's 'cottage' (skepticism, I has it) and meet his family. With one of Colin's mother's pecan pies in tow... :)


Scent of the Day

Name: Fireflies
Company: Possets
Company Statement: Light, vanilla, citrus, cooling, summery, feminine, scent locket. Minty, foody, gourmand, sweet.
My Thoughts: Very sweet when it went on, vanilla notes dominating with the citrus backing it up nicely. Almost worried at first it would be too sweet, but it is definitely mellowing. I put it on directly rather than buying a scent locket, but I can understand why a locket is recommended. This does make me think of nights on the deck with the fireflies in the woods, so it does, for me, exactly what the name implies. Win-win all around!

Apologies, she'enedra

If you're picking up an accidental broadcast. It's just being that kind of night.