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Stress has been eating my face for various things. School has been good but has been part of that stress (admittedly, I did register for that stress, but it's FUN stress). I love my dog, but he's seriously going to get himself crated if he won't stop barking at falling leaves. Shibas, for the uninitiated, are a "silent breed". Everyone, please feel free to laugh now. He's determined there is SOMETHING wrong, since he can see leaves fall with greater frequency and quantity than before: there is an extremely large maple tree in our back yard. "Extremely large" means that you'd need two or three of me to wrap our arms around the trunk.

Due to various reasons, mostly being awkward-around-his-family, I've decided not to go to Wyo for Christmas with BJ this year. He said I could go anywhere I wanted as long as someone else bought the ticket, and things were arranged: I'm Canada-bound this year. It'll be interesting and fun, to say the least, and hopefully warmer! I'm hoping for some lake-effect snow in Toronto, and not needing to wear a bloody balaclava all the time. Winters in MN have only increased my lack of disdain for fashion, and engendered the purpose of silk long underwear and glove liners.

Otherwise, things are OK. The Cam is as it always has been--some friends may be getting back involved and that's great, and I'm hoping we get a domain off teh ground here in MN so I can actually LARP again. Not sure how that will go, but... again: we'll see. Have been continuing to knit; just some general projects to hand out as gifts this year, and I'm doing OK. Made myself a pretty cowl with a skein of Noro, but it stretched too far (cast on too many stitches, curse you!) and so I blocked it, and... yeah, it's still too big. I do't want to give it to someone with a larger head than I, because there are *far* too many mistakes (it was to get my gauge up, and use the pretty yarn; I don't mind the mistakes, but theyr'e obvious to someone else). 

Looking forward to ICC and seeing people; only planning on playing Mage, but LOTS! of socializing. Today I have to hit Kohl's since the aforementioned dog managed to maim my pajama pants to an unsuitable state, and maybe grab another pair of jeans, and then I want to get some lip stuff from Bare Escentuals across at the mall. Then home, and final packing, so that tomorrow I can get up at OMFGOCLOCK and bring BJ to the airport, and then repeat Thursday for me. 


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Oct. 28th, 2009 02:15 am (UTC)
I get in at about 12:40pm atl time.
When you getting in again?
Oct. 28th, 2009 02:17 am (UTC)
BJ gets in 10:30am Wednesday
I get in 10:30am Thursday
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